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Who is Durga Ma? She is the remover of obstacles.fullsizeoutput_192c

Every so often, a great soul will incarnate with a special and specific purpose. Durga Ma can be heard teaching that indeed, this is true for each of us. Yet you will not hear her speak about her own purpose. It has been my great pleasure and greatest gift to discover and now to share with you and others, through our spiritual programs, the story of avatara Durga Ma, her purpose was her birth and her gift is the journey of birth to Liberation.


The Sanskrit word avatar (or avatara) literally means “descent.”

It refers to the descent of divinity from heaven to earth, and is typically used to describe an incarnation of God.

Paramhansa Yogananda explained that the term avatar refers to a soul who has
been freed from maya (delusion) and is sent by the will of God back into manifested existence to help others.

Examples include the founders of major world religions, such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, and Krishna. Parhamasana Yogananda said that an avatar “is born not to show us how great he was, but to give us hope that the state of consciousness he had attained, we too can attain.”

– excerpt  from Yogic Encycolpedia

The life and journey of Durga Ma to present day is extraordinary and worth knowing if for nothing more than to be a testimony of what is possible for each of us, even in the midst of extreme and unending challenges and suffering. Avatars may have different manifestations of their purpose, and for Durga Ma that was to do yoga sadhana to its completion against all of the challenges that present themselves (and there were and are many!!).

Most importantly, it is this specific and special life purpose of Durga Ma which has provided us with some of the most powerful and succinct knowledge for our own development and success in this lifetime, that we too, may rise to our mastery and leadership as an example of what is possible, while providing hope for all of humanity for a life without suffering and struggle.

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