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Are you a spiritual leader in hiding?

How would you know?

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Maybe you aren’t hiding, but you haven’t figured out exactly how you do and be yourself as this leader you were born to be, and some things just don’t feel right? You have an intuitive sense there is more to it, and there is…

You were born to be a spiritual leader. In hiding or not. But not everyone is ready to accept this degree of privilege and power, and not everyone is ready to make the quantum leaps that afford living the best life you are meant to live.

Abundance, prosperity, joy, love, and wisdom are at the core of your being,

as your true nature.

It is your responsibility to accept and receive these gifts in life. So why are so many still suffering? Because we haven’t learned how to do this, we were never taught that we already have these qualities and can access and manifest our lives in proportion.

We often have intuition and knowing that this is true, but how to align ourselves with this truth completely – not just in understanding, but in action so that what we know is also what we feel, perceive, and live?

This is the quantum leap from spiritual wanderlust to spiritual leadership. 

Spiritual Leadership Voyage is a 3-month transformational development for the new generation of spiritual leadership. A community of empowered, spiritually sovereign, divinely guided and expertly discerning masters.

Our current culture is not set up to support this kind of leadership, so we must rise to the occasion and be the current for change.

This is the calling you feel in your heart… to have an impact in the world for great change.

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Are you going to answer the call? 

This is the program to set you firmly on the path with the ability to do just that, in a community of conscious change-makers on the same mission. Get the essential keys to align what you do with who you are in a supported and expertly guided voyage to take your awakening to a whole new level!

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12 weekly teachings

These are delivered directly to your inbox each week. Powerful and grounded teachings that have been effectively used and taught for over 20 years, taken from ancient Sanskrit texts and translated into modern English for the Western seeker by Durga Ma herself.

12 live weekly meditations and transmissions  

Join Anandi online from the comfort of home weekly for live guided meditation and chanting with shaktipat transmissions to boost your progress and support your voyage.

12 live weekly check-in calls

One of the hardest things about learning at your own pace is accountability and community. We check in once a week on zoom as a community to answer questions, share experiences, and receive one on one coaching as we progress through the program.

A private group on Facebook 

To share and connect with one another and keep accountability, share experiences, get feedback and ask questions throughout the program.

Experiments and Tools

Durga Ma created fun and powerful experiments and tools that you will have access to for boosting your understanding and giving more experiential meaning to the concepts presented, that fit seamlessly into your day without added effort.

Added Bonuses!


2-day Spiritual Retreat at Nature’s Gate

Experience powerful meditations, relaxation and contemplation, reflection, healing and creative integration while on an 80-acre sacred site for conscious awakening. You will be fully supported and guided as you reveal to yourself the completion of our voyage and the fruits of your efforts.


Self-Emergence Sessions with Anandi

(2) 90-minute Private sessions to focus solely on your needs and moving through any obstacles that are in your way. These sessions are dynamically tailored to you as an individual and powerful for gaining clarity on your individual life purpose, and how you get there through Self-Realization.


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