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An opportunity to connect privately to explore and remove the obstacles between you and the life you were born to live. Experience the potential of everything you have in front of you.

It’s not what you do, it’s who you are

October 2018

The Spiritual Leadership Voyage program is Self-selective. The purpose of the admission request and free discovery session is not to exclude anyone, but to help you determine if this is the most appropriate and best decision for you at this time. It is an intensive transformation program for those who are considering a serious commitment to their personal and spiritual growth and leadership development.

*Following the receipt this application, we will contact you to schedule a free 30-minute discovery session with Anandi to support your decision to participate in this program.


Durga Ma says three conditions must be present to gain knowledge and wisdom:

The willingness to be right.

The willingness to be wrong.

The willingness to take different points of view about anything.

Welcome to the Spiritual Leadership Voyage!