Music As An Attractant for Meditation

Using Music as an Attractant for Meditation

Experience unique musical journeys by a spiritual master and musician, and let the music meditate YOU.

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A meditative state will occur naturally when there is a steady, uninterrupted flow of attention on one thing for a sufficient length of time.  

When you are focused on only one thing, it is because your attention has been attracted to that one thing.  This happens one of two ways: (1) either you put your attention where you want it, or (2) your attention goes to whatever attracts it. In the first situation, you are the one in control. In the second, your senses and your mind are in control. 

Your attention will always be attracted to something.  You have the ability to determine where it goes and where it stays.  With meditation techniques, you determine what your attention will be on and where it will stay.  This process is not unfamiliar to you, it is how you have learned things in school and in your life.   

When the mind is engaged with only one thing for a long enough period of time, it becomes less active and slips easily into a meditative state. So that’s the thing to do to meditate — put your attention on something and keep it there.  If you are spiritually inclined, you should put your attention on something that is inspiring and harmonious with the Divine.    


For most of us, the sense of hearing is always open and is the most difficult sense to ignore when trying to establish a steady flow of attention.  So we might as well use this sense to our advantage and give it the job of getting the attention to become fixed on one thing.  

Music made up solely of tones can achieve this more effectively than any other type of music or sound, and is the most powerful means of initiating meditation. For this reason, we will use music to serve as an attractant for the attention. This music was composed specifically for this purpose, to make meditation effortless and easy.   

Durga Ma is often heard to say, “Let the music do it for you,” and she means this literally, not just because she has a music background, but because she has studied sound — both tone and noise — and its effect on people, and has found that universally, music is (1) the strongest attractant (2) most of the time.  

Using the right music is a good place to start, to revive, or to revitalize your meditation.   

“We each have a tonal center,
a certain pitch to which the body is tuned, just like
a musical instrument.” — Durga Ma

What is “the right music”? The right music is music that is divinely inspired and is not heavily rhythmic and dominated by indefinite pitched instruments, such as untuned drums. If you are meditating for relaxation, for better sleep, for health or healing, or in order to achieve peace and a meditative state or to move into deeper states of meditation, you will want music that uses definite pitches (tones) and broad ranges of frequencies.

Music that is heavily rhythmic with indefinite pitched instruments is full of noise. What I am advocating is not noise, but tone. Why? What’s the difference?

A tone is produced by regular vibrations of a medium, and noise is produced by irregular vibrations. It is the sound created by ordered, regular vibrations, or tones, that affects the brain, the mind, and the energy centers in the body (chakras) in a calming, healing, and beneficial manner.

Noise is a Stimulant, Tone is a Tonic. 

You will learn this on your own when your meditation has advanced, and the life energy flowing through the central channel of your body produces divine music, spontaneously. Though this music is not “made” by anything, it is more real than any music you will ever hear with your ears. 

This profoundly beautiful and blissful experience does not involve your mind or imagination — your experience is direct and Real. It is God’s magic flute. It is God. It is Kundalini playing Her magic flute.

“When you listen to Music for Relaxation, Meditation and Rejuvenation, remember that you are listening to Her work (Kundalini’s), not mine, and let the music meditate You.”  — Durga Ma

Durga Ma’s music uses a broad range of tones and frequencies in order to take you into deep meditative states, bring healing and purification, and awaken subtle power centers in the body (chakras) and activate the evolutionary force (kundalini) naturally and safely.

“The central channel through which Kundalini flows is your Magic Flute. The key-holes of this flute through which the melody is played are your chakras. My flute, played by God, produced this music.” — Durga Ma

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