The Journey Begins

Welcome to the Spiritual Leadership Voyage, we are so glad to have you aboard!

This program is steeped in profound knowledge and wisdom that can change your life. Durga Ma wrote the contents of this program while she was attaining Liberation through meditation and spiritual study. It is a roadmap, derived from ancient eastern wisdom and translated for the modern Western seeker.

Durga Ma encourages us to seek the company of those who have what we seek or are on the path to achieving the same thing. The path can be long and oftentimes solitary, so it is with great excitement that this program has come to fruition at such a vital time when we are able to have guidance and support to step into the full expression of our individual spiritual leadership.

This program is intended not just for knowledge and practical guidance, but for support and integration of a budding community of evolving spiritual leaders that serve through their individual purposes to have a tremendous positive impact on the world and her people.

You are invited to commit to yourself and your progress, to be empowered and to empower one another to speak your truth with integrity and harmlessness, knowing that this is a community founded in sacred space to provide the safety of self-expression and exploration. Please take this commitment seriously, for it is essential to your growth.



         Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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